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Huawei tries to cram a Bluetooth headset into a fitness tracker once again

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While Huawei's ambitious new P9 flagship phone attempts to "reinvent smartphone photography," Huawei hasn't forgotten about its oft-maligned wearable TalkBand line. The all-new TalkBand B3 keeps the gimmick of its predecessor: the wristband's screen / brain pops out and works as a Bluetooth headset. What's changed is a new design, and increased smarts, including an ability to detect what kind of activity you're partaking in.

The B3 is, at first glance, the nicest looking TalkBand yet, even though it still has the miniscule OLED touchscreen of its predecessors. Huawei has added some more "smartwatch" functionality to the B3, but this thing is still more fitness tracker than watch. Prices range from €169 to €249 (like the P9 phone, Huawei's TalkBands likely won't come to the US), depending on how fancy you want to be.