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Cookie Monster's Apple ad 'outtakes' are pure joy

Cookie Monster's Apple ad 'outtakes' are pure joy

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Last month, Apple debuted a reasonably cute iPhone 6S commercial starring Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. Today they have done something much less reasonable. They have published some "bloopers" from the original commercial, and they are so cute that I almost fell out of my chair.

I don't know which part I squealed at more: Cookie Monster saying "me no have watch" (sick burn on the Apple Watch, Cookie Monster!) or Cookie Monster saying "me trooper" after getting whacked in his cute little foam noggin, or Cookie Monster politely asking Siri if the music he was performing with a whisk was annoying her. I'll never decide! In fact I might never consider making a tough decision ever again! I'm that full of joy right now!

cookie monster

The cognitive dissonance of being this thrilled by an advertisement is sort of bothering me, but this is so freaking cute. This is the happiest I've been all day.

Treat yourself to this video. Then treat yourself to a cookie.

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