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Microsoft's Hub Keyboard app is now available for iOS

Microsoft's Hub Keyboard app is now available for iOS


A fast keyboard for files and contacts

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Microsoft Garage, the company's experimental app-making outfit, released its Hub Keyboard app on iOS today following an Android release back in February. Hub Keyboard mixes a neat minimal design with some powerful attachment and search buttons on top. For instance, you can dig through your OneDrive files and drop instant links in chat messages, or copy and paste contact info by linking your address book. The app is free in the App Store, but you have to toggle on full access in the iPhone's settings to use Hub Keyboard's more useful functions.

Garage apps tend to not get too much traction, and it feels like Microsoft releases a new one out into the wild every few weeks at this point. However, Hub Keyboard is an especially polished Garage app with a sleek design and some useful features, albeit only for those willing to link an Office 365 account.


Perhaps it's the work-focused keyboard iOS truly needs right now, at least until Google's own in-progress iPhone keyboard becomes a contender at some point in the future. In any event, Microsoft now owns SwiftKey, so it's not short on software keyboard talent to keep iterating on typing apps for many months to come.