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Microsoft Edge will intelligently pause Flash animations in next update

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The next update to Microsoft's Edge browser will automatically pause Adobe Flash when it detects it in ads and animations on a website, reducing power consumption and lessening the load on your computer. The update, coming in Windows 10's Anniversary update this summer, will continue to automatically play videos and games central to a page's purpose, but will make it so that Edge users will need to click to play Flash animations used in "peripheral content."

Both Chrome and Safari already sport similar features, with Google adding intelligent auto-pausing to its browser last year, and Apple introducing the option to do so in Safari's Power Saver mode. Microsoft's move should hopefully hasten the slow death of Flash, which is still clinging on despite its multiple security holes, its removal from Google's display ads, and its widespread replacement by HTML5. Even Adobe, Flash's creators, have noted its obsolescence, telling people to stop using the player.