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Hasselblad's H6D is a $33,000 camera with Wi-Fi and a touchscreen

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4K video, USB-C, and Wi-Fi add some smartphone features to a massive 100-megapixel sensor

Medium format cameras are usually something we only ever talk about, but don't use. Hasselblad's latest, the H6D, isn't going to reduce the bulk or expense associated with medium format shooting, but it's making the category a whole lot more practical. It combines an eyebrow-raising 100-megapixel sensor (11,600 x 8,700) with the everyday conveniences of direct Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3-inch touchscreen, and 4K video. Hell, it even has a USB Type-C port and you can record your enormous RAW files onto the same sort of SD card that fits into a $100 point-and-shoot.

It's both amusing and encouraging to see Hasselblad — widely recognized for the quality of its moon-roving professional gear — introduce a new flagship model with so many affordances. The H6D is still nowhere near as flexible or versatile as a more conventional DSLR, but with its added extras, it can actually be used by well-off consumers as well as dedicated professionals. There's certainly more value on offer here than with the silly Ferrari edition that Hasselblad introduced a few years ago.

Hasselblad is celebrating 75 years since its founding this year, and the H6D launch is one of the big events on a calendar of festivities from the company, coming in at a price of $32,995 / €28,900. A more affordable 50-megapixel version (without 4K video) will also be available for $25,995 / €22,900.