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Melissa McCarthy confirms she'll be joining Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival

The Gilmore Girls reboot just got even more exciting for long-time fans. Melissa McCarthy has officially confirmed she'll be returning as Sookie St. James on Netflix's upcoming revival. After initially saying she was never asked to be a part of the reboot, McCarthy announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning that it was just a matter of scheduling, and everything had been sorted out.

Sookie's back

"We could not get those schedules to work and there was a whole thing and then I was going to be out of the country and blah blah blah and literally about an hour-and-a-half ago we figured out that I’m going go back and do it," McCarthy said. "And I am so excited, and they’re gonna be amazing. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s gonna squeeze me in to do it, and I’m very happy to go back to Stars Hollow."

It's unclear how big of a role McCarthy will play in the new show, but it will likely be much smaller than her one in the original series. The revival will reportedly be packaged as four movies on Netflix. No word yet on a premiere date.