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Ghost finally bothered to show up for Jon Snow in the newest Game of Thrones clip

Game of Thrones' Liam Cunnigham appeared on Conan last night and brought along a little gift for GoT super fans: a clip from the new season! The clip is extremely dark (thematically, and you can't see anything), and features an out-of-focus, but extremely dead (how shocking), Jon Snow. Ser Davos (Cunningham) appears to be defending Snow's body from the Night's Watch members who already killed him.

His back-up is Ghost, the direwolf who was Jon Snow's sidekick and best friend. Ghost has shown up to prevent Jon Snow from being murdered in the past, but not the most recent time! Glad to see he's back on duty. Can't wait to stop squinting at meaningless 60-second excerpts of this show and watch the real thing on April 24th.