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This is your next jam: Kaytranada, Tegan and Sara, and more

This is your next jam: Kaytranada, Tegan and Sara, and more


Classixx are letting go, Tacocat hates the weekend, and it's too dark for Frankie Cosmos

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Welcome back to The Verge’s weekly musical roundup. I’m Jamieson, I’m still your host, and I spent this week cowering in fear of a surprise drop from the 6 God. When "Pop Style" and "One Dance" tumbled onto Apple Music this week, it felt like Drake was sending a not-so-subtle reminder to music fans everywhere: Views from the 6 is on the horizon.

And when it was reported that he was projecting the album’s cover onto a London building just a few hours later, I nearly went into panic mode: was the album’s release imminent? It ended up being a false alarm, one that freed me up to spend most of the week listening to stuff that’s not Drake; mostly indie pop. You can hear the fruit of that labor below in new singles from Bibio, Frankie Cosmos, Tegan and Sara, and Yumi Zouma.

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Bibio, "Town & Country"

Stephen Wilkinson’s new album A Mineral Love taps into some of the same sounds you can hear on Junk, the new M83 record: retro commercial jingles, ‘80s TV show themes, maligned soft rock. But Wilkinson’s work has a warmth I couldn’t quite hear on Junk. "Town & Country" is a good example, a jaunty plea for pastoral comforts that sounds like the department store soundtrack of your dreams.

Charles Bradley, "Slow Love"

Charles Bradley broke out of obscurity earlier this decade with an endearing 2011 debut for Daptone Records, and he just released his third LP at age 67. Changes is another collection of rich, nostalgic soul, and "Slow Love" is a great showcase for his weathered voice. It’s about as good as the Prince song of the same name, and that’s the highest praise I can offer.

Classixx ft. How to Dress Well, "Just Let Go"

Classixx are releasing their new album Faraway Reach on June 3rd, just in time to soundtrack the rooftop pool party you’re probably already planning. (You can’t see this, but I’m looking at the snowbanks just outside my living room window and crying.) "Just Let Go" is liquid dance music, and it features Tom Krell (aka How to Dress Well) in full-on club diva mode. If you’re used to hearing Krell in rawer, more intimate settings, this’ll make for a fascinating listen.

Dan Lissvik, "N"

Dan Lissvik is a prolific Swedish musician and producer, one who works largely under the radar. He was half of the influential dance duo Studio last decade, and he’s released solo work as D. Lissvik and Atelje in recent years. The forthcoming Midnight will become his first full-length under his own full name when it’s released on June 10th, and "N" is its first single. (There are eight tracks in total, and together they spell out the title.) It’s breezy and languid. You can’t quite dance to it, but I bet it’s perfect for slinking through some kind of secret afterparty.

Frankie Cosmos, "Too Dark"

"Too Dark" isn’t brand-new — it’s been kicking around since at least 2014 — but it’s been brushed up and revived for Frankie Cosmos’ new album, Next Thing. (You can hear an older version on Bandcamp here.) You should take the title seriously: it’s a harrowing meditation on unrequited affection. "When I know I’m not the best girl in the room / I tell myself I’m the best you can do." My cheeks are getting red just writing this.

Lianne La Havas, "Lost and Found (Matthew Herbert Remix)"

There are a ton of grabby details crammed into this remix of Lianne La Havas’ heartbreaking 2012 ballad, enough to necessitate a few back-to-back listens: the revolving piano figure, the snipped guitar passages, the chirps and beeps sprinkled like granola clusters. It’s a lot of sound, but Herbert makes sure you can hear La Havas’ original vocal: "You broke me and taught me to truly hate myself." The self-loathing still stings, even with this caffeinated rearrangement serving as a kind of balm.

Kaytranada ft. Anderson .Paak, "Glowed Up"

Kaytranada’s debut LP 99.9% is being released in just under a month, and it should introduce him to plenty of new fans who aren’t familiar with his stellar work as a producer and remixer in recent years. "Glowed Up" was released as a single this week, and it pivots from a viscous late-night thumper into something brighter and more contemplative after three minutes. .Paak is just one of a dozen guests helping to bring 99.9% to life — people like Craig David, AlunaGeorge, River Tiber, and Little Dragon are all involved — and it’s poised to be one of this year’s most eclectic electronic records.

Tacocat, "I Hate the Weekend"

A small part of me can’t believe I’m including a song called "I Hate the Weekend" in a column devoted to giving you weekend listening material, but this cut from Tacocat’s new album Lost Time is too funny to pass up. If you’re the sort of weekend warrior who gets sloppy in downtown clubs and bars in striped button-ups and dark denim come Friday night, this song might sting: "Got a hall pass from your job / just to act like a fuckin’ slob!" There’s a serious issue at the song’s heart, too: it doesn’t take much for a roving pack of drunks to tip over into something scarier and more threatening, especially if you’re a woman or a queer person. You can become a target for harassment at a moment’s notice. In short: don’t be a jerk! Celebrate the weekend responsibly so other people aren’t dreading it!

Tegan and Sara, "Boyfriend"

Tegan and Sara’s 2013 LP Heartthrob is one of this decade’s most impressive pop albums, and you can hear its influence in everything from Taylor Swift’s 1989 to Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION. The Quin twins are releasing their follow-up Love You to Death on June 3rd, and they premiered lead single "Boyfriend" on Beats 1 yesterday. (Another new song, "U-Turn," was made available a few hours later.) It’s a sparkling plea for investment from a new partner, one who’s just starting to get comfortable exploring their sexuality: "You treat me like your boyfriend / and trust me like a very best friend / Kiss me like your boyfriend!" I’m hoping this song reaches its full potential and becomes a hit — it’s something only Tegan and Sara could’ve written.

Yumi Zouma, "Keep It Close to Me"

New Zealand indie pop quartet Yumi Zouma released two winsome EPs before putting together their forthcoming debut full-length, Yoncalla. All of their pre-Yoncalla music was recorded separately and stitched together after the fact, so songs like "Keep It Close to Me" are the first songs the band put together in the same place. There’s a muted to the sound, like the band’s recording from within a living room pillow fort or a backyard tent — it’s intimate, but it feels a little distant and beguiling. If I get bored this weekend and turn my TV space into a blanket-and-cushion cave, I’m blaming this song for planting the idea in my head.

Here’s the running This Is Your Next Jam playlist — have a great weekend!