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Anything is a bath bomb if you throw it in a bath

Anything is a bath bomb if you throw it in a bath


Get your memes wet

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If you've been on the internet recently, you've probably come across the Lush Bath Bomb meme. It's the one where people throw random objects into a tub and say, "I LOVE my Lush Bath Bomb!!" even though the thing going into the tub is definitely not a Lush Bath Bomb. (For newcomers to the world of homemade cosmetics, a bath bomb is a ball of something-or-other that you throw into a tub so the water smells nice. (Or gets fizzy?)) The popularity of this meme can be traced to three very human characteristics: the thrill of suspense, the joy of seeing unusual things in water, and a good old game of What does this word really mean?

First, suspense: Now that the meme has solidified itself in meme consciousness, anyone hitting play on a bath bomb Vine understands they're not going to see an actual bath bomb, but they don't know what they will see. The options, then, are limitless: Cheetos, tampons, a watermelon, a plant, a pair of shoes, your poetry, a sign that says WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME CHRISTINE? — the meme could, hypothetically, never end.

Now, wet stuff. It is a universally acknowledged truth that when things that aren't usually wet, get wet, everyone will laugh. Whether it's your cousin Justin who complains about the "sliminess" of being wet, or this cat, or this cat, or these wet hot dogs, uncomfortable wet things (in non-dangerous situations) play to our most childish impulses. Seeing any object outside the context in which we usually see it, especially when the new context involves sogginess, is ripe for comedy.

And lastly, there's the word game. Just like anything with a dressing on it might be considered a salad, anything you throw into a tub has the potential to be a bath bomb. Has anyone thrown a salad into a tub yet? First you have to decide what constitutes a salad!