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A non-theory about Chance the Rapper's new album art

A non-theory about Chance the Rapper's new album art

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Chance the Rapper just traded in his White Sox hat for a hat bearing the number three — a reference to his upcoming third mixtape. Yesterday, the Chicago rapper tweeted the above illustration, which is likely the mixtape's album art.

I usually don't feel joy!!

If his 2012 mixtape 10 Day, and 2013's Acid Rap are any indication, Chance loves to put illustrations of his own face on his album covers. I could craft a theory about the meaning of Chance's head position on each cover — first he's looking up, then straight ahead, and now down — and its relationship to his music, but instead I'd just like to say that I can't wait for this album.

Another theory I don't really want to discuss is that maybe Chance's decision to make this cover aesthetically similar to his other two means that the mixtape will be sonically similar as well. He recently seemed to be moving away from his manic, slapstick, tongue-twisty rap for a sound that was a little more influenced by gospel and jazz. It's all been good, but is it a crime that this album art makes me yearn for the old Chance? The "Fuck You Tahm Bout" Chance? The "Wore my feelings on my sleeveless / My weed seedless, my trees leafless" Chance? As far as I know, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION doesn't even mention feelings about mixtapes.

Here's hoping the album comes out before I have any more time to think.