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Radiohead appears to be slowly fading from the internet

Radiohead appears to be slowly fading from the internet

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Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Something strange is happening with Radiohead. You could probably write that sentence at almost any time and it would be true. But as Pitchfork points out, today the band has started erasing everything from their website, Facebook, and Twitter. No tweets, no cover images, no profile pictures, an empty Facebook page. Thom Yorke has also deleted all of his tweets. Their web presence hasn't entirely evaporated though — their music can still be found on YouTube.

This fade to white seems carefully calculated and intentional. Reddit user norrsson noticed earlier today that the band's website was slowly decreasing in opacity until the page was entirely white. The band's profile image and cover images on Facebook and Twitter are also both a stark white.


Is a new Radiohead album coming? Almost definitely. Is it coming today, and will it be called NO-kay Computer? Who knows!

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