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Watch SpaceX's reusable rocket land on a boat from three different angles

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SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket stuck another landing last week, making it the third time the reusable rocket has blasted off and arrived back safely on Earth. At the time, people following the launch on live stream had to make do with limited footage of the touchdown, but SpaceX has now given us a better look at its latest success, one it calls its "hottest and fastest" landing yet. The company released a video last night that shows the rocket settling down on its floating droneship from three different angles, showing the Falcon 9 cut its engines and maintain its balance to make a surprisingly gentle landing.

Initial projections were poor for the rocket making a successful landing last week, owing to the extreme velocities and reentry heating the Falcon 9 would be subjected to, but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk upgraded the chances to "maybe even" in a tweet sent just before blastoff. The third successful landing — and the second at sea — was a major win for Musk's company, but it does mean SpaceX has to find somewhere to house their rapidly increasing pile of used Falcon 9 rockets.

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