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Watch the first trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, launching in November

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Meet the new starters

Back in February Nintendo revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon, but provided little in the way of details for its next big monster-battling adventure. Today, we now know some of the most important aspects of the games: they will be launching on November 18th in North America, and will feature a trio of adorable starter pokemon.

Pokemon Sun Moon

The news comes via the first real trailer for Sun and Moon, which introduces the new starters. They include: a fire-y cat thing named Litten, a goofy seal-like creature named Popplio, and a very round owl called Rowlet which wears some strategically placed leaves. As is typical with the series, the starters represent fire, water, and grass-type pokemon, adding some strategy to deciding who will accompany you throughout the game.

The trailer also gives us our first real look at the actual gameplay, which, unsurprisingly, doesn't look too far removed from past games in the series. Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature 3D graphics once again — the feature was introduced with X and Y back in 2013 — and the art style looks largely unchanged.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS when they launch later this year.

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