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This Swedish startup will deliver packages directly to your Volvo

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Basically everyone thinks that delivering your packages straight to your car is the future: Audi is trying it, Amazon is trying it, Volkswagen even made a special compartment for it in the bumper of the Budd-e conceptVolvo tried it, too, and now it's trying again in Stockholm in collaboration with Swedish startup Urb-It.

The concept is pretty straightforward: you order from a store that supports Urb-It delivery, then a delivery person is given a "one-time digital key" to open your car; within two hours, your package magically shows up. It might sound a little unnecessary, but for commuters whose cars are parked all day, it could save a trip — and be a bit more secure than leaving a package on a doorstep. Volvo is in the midst of trying to eliminate traditional car keys, since smartphones can effectively serve the same function — conveniently, that makes these one-time keys a lot easier to issue.

The service is only available in Stockholm for now, but Volvo is promising an expansion to "several" European cities this year and "over 200" cities by the middle of the next decade.