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Will Google sue Sue Googe?

Will Google sue Sue Googe?

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Sue Googe is a 2016 Republican candidate who hopes to represent the 4th Congressional District of North Carolina in United States Congress. Also, her surname looks like the Google logo — especially as it's written on her campaign signs, which use a font that's identical to Google's bespoke sans-serif typeface.

This photo, from Sue Googe's Flickr page, shows the candidate accompanied by two people holding Sue Googe campaign signs:

This is Google's logo as of its September 2015 redesign:

Maybe this is a coincidence. After all, there are only some thousands of fonts in the world. Sue Googe or her campaign team might have selected this one on accident.

A close look, though, invites further suspicion. For starters, the smaller "Sue" is not written in the same font as the prominent "Googe," as you can tell by comparing the "e" in "Sue" with the slanted "e" in "Googe."

That second "e" also looks similar to the slanted "e" in "Google."

Oh and furthermore, there's the fact that "Googe" is *clearly* the Google logo with the "l" removed.

Sue Googe

Google has been reached for comment, and we'll update the story should we hear back. In the meantime, read the incredible personal story of Sue Googe. Yes, she may have lifted the Google logo to give her political campaign a certain familiarity, but that doesn't make Sue Googe any less fascinating. Sue Googe's campaign site claims the candidate survived "extreme poverty" during a childhood on China's Hainan Island before moving to the United States in her twenties.