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The PodRide is the world's most adorable tiny car

The PodRide is the world's most adorable tiny car


Even though it's not really a car

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Call it off, folks, this is the cutest car you're ever going to see.

Technically, the PodRide isn't a car — it's more of a four-wheeled bicycle with electric assist and a completely enclosed cloth shell. But the end result is adorably car-like, scaled way down for a single rider. It was developed by Swedish engineer Mikael Kjellman who was looking for a safer, more comfortable alternative to a traditional bicycle that could be used in Sweden's harsh winters. The entire top of the shell flips forward, making it easy to climb in and out; close the shell and you're protected from the elements. As a bonus, front and rear suspension systems smooth out the bumps along the way. It'll go over 15 mph with the motor engaged, Kjellman claims, with a range of over 37 miles.

Kjellman has put the PodRide on Indiegogo, hoping to raise enough money to produce instructions and kits for others to make their own. It seems like there's some interest, too, because he's raised 182 percent of his $30,000 goal as of this writing with two days to go. None of the funding levels actually get you a PodRide — just discounts — but he says he's hoping to start selling kits this fall for between $2,000 and $4,000.

As cute, tiny cars go, that's cheaper than an Elio.