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You can now add comments to Google’s shared photo albums

You can now add comments to Google’s shared photo albums


...but you still can't like them

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In December, Google Photos introduced shared albums — but didn't allow anyone to comment on shared albums or the individual photos in these albums. Today, five months later, you can do both. Ya know, like on nearly every other social network. This update to shared albums is rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web.

Yet, you still can't click a button to like anything you see in Google's shared albums, leaving friends to wonder if you really had a good time at that Cinco de Mayo party after all. It's hard to find any social network that disallows liking, but Google is still holding out on this feature.

Yesterday, Google added smart suggestions to shared albums to help people know what photos they might want to add. These suggestions are based on the time and place of your photos, assuming you have location services turned on for your photos. These suggestions only show up if you have photos that are relevant (based on time and place) to an album that was shared with you.

Shared albums have been on iOS since 2012, so when Google added them to its Photos in December, it was playing catch up. The idea of sharing cross-platform, rather than just on Apple devices, was a draw.