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The Hyperloop just had its first public test in the Nevada desert

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And it was just okay

It was over almost before it began. Hyperloop One's first public open-air test just happened out in the Nevada desert, and if you blinked you may have missed it. A metal sled accelerated from zero to 116 mph in 1.1 seconds, or about 2.4 Gs of force. It traveled little more than 100 meters, then stopped, kicking up a cloud of sand in the process.

It was a dramatic build-up with a less than dramatic end. Hundreds of eager onlookers assembled on a huge riser watched with their smartphones held overhead. Many of them were investors, watching to see if there money was well-spent.

"I'd really love to note that all of that happened on purpose."

"Super great," Hyperloop One's Chief Technology Officer (and chief cheerleader) Brogan BamBrogan said after the short test. "I'd really love to note that all of that happened on purpose. So that was really great."

Andrew J. Hawkins

The true test for Hyperloop will come later this year, when the company says it will have a "full system test" of its far-out transportation concept. Until then, the sled's brief but speedy journey today will have to whet the appetites of all those eager to see more from this emerging industry.

We'll update this story with more details, images, and video shortly.

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