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Why do Hyperloop pods look like diesel vapes?

Why do Hyperloop pods look like diesel vapes?

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Hyperloop One

I'm not big into vape culture, but I do know one thing about it: the bigger, the more steampunk, the more levers and chrome bits are on your vape, the better. It should look less like a tool for sucking on nicotine-infused vapor and more like a lightsaber, or something you'd use to cauterize a wound in the field. A good vape, in essence, is a diesel vape — a giant machine that is the drug-delivery equivalent of rolling coal.

Enter the Hyperloop, an audacious Elon Musk-backed plan to send pods filled with people and cargo along an enclosed tube at over 700 miles per hour. I don't know whether Musk planned it this way, but it turns out these pods look like the illest vapes ever made. (I like to think he did plan it.)

Seriously, the guys at the vape shop down the street would be drooling at these.


(Hyperloop One)





Every single one of these should be filled with sweet, delicious vape juice. Maybe cinnamon or bubble gum.

Hey Wall Street Journal vape bro, do you agree?



If you could, would you vape a Hyperloop pod?

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  • 25%
    Of course!
    (221 votes)
  • 12%
    No, but I'd vape in a Hyperloop pod
    (108 votes)
  • 62%
    Sorry, no, I'm not about that vape life
    (547 votes)
876 votes total