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Nvidia posts six glorious minutes of Doom action to show off new graphics

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The new Doom game will be released this Friday (the 13th day of the month, appropriately enough), and one of the best looks inside the game was provided by Nvidia during the launch of its new GeForce GTX cards. The gameplay from that event has now made its way to YouTube in its full, uncompressed glory and it's well worth a look. Although capped at 60fps and running on a Titan X, the same in-game action was handled just as well on the upcoming GTX 1080 that demoed it at Nvidia's press day — with the newer (and cheaper!) card rising as high as 200fps when its frame limit was taken off.

The Vulkan API (Application Program Interface) mentioned in the video's title is also quite significant. It's the successor to OpenGL, offering an open-source alternative to Microsoft's proprietary DirectX API (which has been the go-to standard for coding PC game graphics for years). Vulkan is cross-platform, meaning it isn't limited to Windows and other Microsoft platforms like DirectX is, and will be supported by Google's Android and Valve's Steam OS. Apple has its own Metal API, but it seems to be the only exception to the adoption of Vulkan, which promises to make things look better and run faster. For more on Vulcan, check out this great Rock Paper Shotgun writeup on the background surrounding the new API.