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This POV video of the world's tallest dive roller coaster is a wild ride even at your desk

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So if you're eating lunch, maybe hold off on watching this first-person video of the Valravn. I'm a person with a delicate tummy, and I confess that, even from the safe confines of my desk, looking over the edge of this roller coaster made me a tad bit nauseous.

Opening this summer at US theme park Cedar Point, Valravn is the tallest, fastest, and longest drop coaster to date. The ride towers 223-feet high, reaches a top-speed of 75 mph, and drops at a 90-degree angle — that latter part is what earns it the "drop coaster" label. Another acceptable label: barf inducer.

I feel the real-world video is terrifying enough on its own, but if you have the stomach for it, there's a VR Valravn experience. Released last year to build hype for the ride, the app can be downloaded via Apple's App Store and Google Play and paired with a smartphone VR headset.

If you prefer the safe, third-person experience, you may want to watch the first 15 seconds of the video, below, in which computer-animated mannequins scream while riding a rendering of the coaster. Or maybe you'd prefer a Coca-Cola Rolla Costa — another video not to be paired with food.