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UPS now lets you track packages for real — on an actual map

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There will be no more sweating in anticipation when your package shows as "out for delivery," my friends. UPS has finally rolled out true package tracking, letting you see exactly where the truck carrying your item is on a map right from your smartphone or PC.

Now don't get too excited just yet; for now, the minute-by-minute tracking — branded "Follow My Delivery" — is only available for pricey UPS Air and UPS Worldwide Express deliveries. And you'll need to sign up for a (free) UPS My Choice account if you want the advanced tracking capabilities. My Choice also lets you reroute "most" packages to your workplace, a neighbor’s house, or a nearby UPS Access Point location if you won't be home to sign for a precious delivery.

UPS Follow My Delivery UPS

Back to the tracking: you'll be able to see the UPS driver's position on a map, but it won't actually display his or her exact route, which makes sense since that'd be a whole different level of creeping on your hard-working delivery person. Either way, what you're getting now is way better than counting the seconds and falling into despair until that black and tan truck pulls up in front of your door. UPS plans to roll out Follow My Delivery for its other tiers of service in the future.