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ABC cancels Marvel spinoff Agent Carter

ABC cancels Marvel spinoff Agent Carter


After two seasons and slumping ratings

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ABC has decided to put an end to Agent Carter, the Captain America spinoff series set in the 1940s and featuring star Hayley Atwell, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show served as a way to explore the backstories of Marvel Universe characters like Howard Stark and supervillain Madame Masque (known on the show as Whitney Frost) while tying into present-day events featured on ABC's companion comic book drama, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. However, Agent Carter's ratings never recovered from a second season slump, despite strong reviews.

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Atwell's new show, Conviction, is close to clinching a first season, which all but confirmed ABC would not renew Agent Carter. The writers behind the new Captain America: Civil War even killed off Carter's character in the present day with a casual mention of her offscreen passing. ABC is still investing in SHIELD, with a fourth season coming next year. But a new spinoff, called Marvel's Most Wanted, was not picked up for a series order, according to a report from Variety yesterday. So ABC is clearly realigning its focus on the one show with a solid track record.

Update May13th, 10:45AM ET: Included mention of Variety report saying Marvel's Most Wanted will not be picked up.