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Windows 10 Mobile will support fingerprint scanners this summer

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Microsoft is planning to support fingerprint readers for the first time in Windows 10 Mobile this summer. While we've seen facial recognition thanks to Windows Hello, unlocking Windows phones with just a fingerprint has been missing. Microsoft revealed at its WinHEC conference this week that it plans to support fingerprint scanners with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile.

It's not clear how many Windows phone makers will opt for fingerprint scanners, but the first device to support the new functionality will be HP's Elite x3. Microsoft notes that some Windows phone OEMs already have experience using fingerprint scanners from FPC and Synaptics, but that other fingerprint scanners might require more work to integrate into the Windows Hello functionality. Microsoft is currently testing its Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and the company is expected to release it for both desktop and mobile in late July.