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Hundreds of car lovers sent Ford video pleas to buy the new GT

Hundreds of car lovers sent Ford video pleas to buy the new GT


Part of the company's online application process

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Earlier this year, Ford unveiled its newest GT — a carbon fiber and aluminum supercar with a twin-turbo V6 engine and a mob of admirers. The company has committed to making only 500 GTs over the next two years, and last month opened up an online application process to find deserving buyers. The company now says that it's received 6,506 applications to purchase the new GT, with "hundreds" of registrars also recording videos in an attempt to boost their chances.

In an attempt to weed out the nobodies, applicants were asked questions like whether they contributed to any Ford-affiliated charities, or whether their company supplied parts to the Ford Motor Company. In a press release, Ford said: "Creative applicants featured children, lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours and life stories to show why they should own the all-new Ford GT." At this point, the company should stop teasing people and just turn this process into a reality TV show, with applicants attempting to woo the 600 horsepower supercar like a motoring-themed episode of The Bachelor.

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Ford fans want to date this. (Image credit: Ford)