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Verizon bumps up data limits on its prepaid phone plans

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$45 for 3GB or $60 for 6GB

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Today, Verizon announced it is increasing the amount of monthly data you receive with two of its three prepaid smartphone plans. Starting May 15th, the data limit on Verizon's $45 a month plan jumps from 1GB to 3GB, while the $60 plan has been doubled to 6GB. Both options require you to enroll in Verizon AutoPay every month to receive the full amount of data. But now the $45 plan comes with free texting to Mexico and Canada while the $60 plan comes with free texting and calling to both countries.

Verizon still offers a basic plan with unlimited talk and text for $30 a month, but you don't get a monthly data plan and have to rely on Wi-Fi. For the person who still chooses to use a feature phone in 2016 — an admittedly dwindling market — Verizon sells an unlimited talk, text, and mobile web plan for what feels like an exorbitant $30 a month. At that point, you may as well shell out for a budget smartphone.