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MacGyver and Training Day TV series are coming to CBS

MacGyver and Training Day TV series are coming to CBS

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Andrew Burton/Getty Images

MacGyver is coming back to TV, and Training Day is coming to TV for the first time. CBS announced its 2016 / 2017 TV series orders this morning, and among those were the two big, classic names. Neither was wholly unexpected — word has been floating around for months that the two series were in the works, but it wasn't until now that they got the full green light.

The MacGyver reboot is bringing on Lucas Till, who plays Havok in the X-Men movies, to be the show's titular star. It sounds like the gist of the show is staying pretty much the same, but the setup may be a bit different. The Wrap reports that the new series will have MacGyver setting up a secret organization, rather than being part of an existing government group.

I'm pretty sure 'Training Day' is described as 'Good Cop / Bad Cop: the series'

CBS' Training Day will take place 15 years after the film (which came out 15 years ago) and return to its focus on LAPD agents, pairing a highly experienced "morally ambiguous" cop with a less experienced "idealistic" cop, according to The Wrap. I mean, okay, the description literally makes it sound like the roles are good cop / bad cop. But I guess that means there'll be room for drama.

There are no specific release dates for either series yet. At a minimum, they won't start arriving until fall, when this coming TV season officially kicks off.