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CBS reportedly passes on Nancy Drew reboot because men didn't like it enough

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You've got to be kidding me

The reimagining of Nancy Drew may not find its way to TV — not at CBS, at least. Deadline reports that CBS passed on the show after seeing its pilot. The show was supposed to update the classic teenage detective as an NYPD detective in her 30s, who continues using her observational prowess to solve crimes. Sarah Shahi was cast as its star.

It supposedly "skewed too female" for CBS

Deadline reports hearing that the pilot tested well. So why didn't CBS pick it up? It apparently "skewed too female for CBS' schedule," according to the report. Which is to say, CBS wanted the show to appeal to more men. Which is ridiculous. I'm interested in hearing the last time a show was shot down for skewing too male.

The reboot, simply called Drew, is now being shopped around elsewhere, according to the report. That means it could still end up on another network. If it really did test well, that should give it an edge. But losing its original home is never a good sign.