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Amazon may soon sell its own food and baby products

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Sean O'Kane

Amazon may be about to start selling food and baby products under its own private labels. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon will begin offering house-branded coffee, nuts, and spices, as well as baby food and diapers, through a series of new private labels that it'll begin launching in the coming weeks. They'll reportedly only be available to Prime subscribers.

Amazon recently launched a series of private clothing brands

The brands will reportedly launch one at a time. The Journal has details on three of them: Happy Belly, which will handle basics like nuts, tea, and cooking oils; Wickedly Prime, which will package snack foods; and Mama Bear, which will sell baby products. It's not clear how expansive each line will be, but the Journal reports finding Amazon trademark applications for products like razors, pasta, and potato chips.

Amazon tried selling diapers once in the past, but quickly pulled them over design issues. Presumably it's put more thought into the products this time around, as it sounds like Amazon is about to begin a private-label onslaught. It's already started doing this in other categories, offering gadgets and cables and hundreds of clothing options, as well as less expected items, like a K-Cup storage drawer and a medicine ball. Given that Amazon also has a grocery-delivery service, it makes sense that it'd want to offer its own products, likely as an alternative to pricier name brands.