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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban badly serenading each other in a Jeep will heal you

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban badly serenading each other in a Jeep will heal you

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Happy Monday! This just in: love is real.

The first time I watched this video, posted with little explanation on Keith Urban's Facebook page, I couldn't bring myself to hit "like." I didn't know what it was. It was alien to me. Did I "wow" it? Did I "haha" it? Did I "angry" it? What are emotions, and does this video elicit any from me?

This video is cringeworthy to say the least, but it's cringeworthy in the same way that seeing your mom touch your dad's butt in public is cringeworthy — you're happy for them, even as you want to throw up. The bliss is doubled when you remember that it's been a full 15 years since Nicole Kidman escaped Tom Cruise.

love is real, and embarrassing

Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and reliably kind American Idol host / country singer Keith Urban are famous at least as much for being Australian as they are for their respective accomplishments. As such, this video was filmed in a Jeep (I don't have any way of knowing if literally every person in Australia owns a Jeep but that's how I choose to imagine things). I decided that I love it.

If you spend your life on the internet, it can be hard to appreciate sincerity when you see it. Upon seeing two famous near-50-year-olds lip-synching in the car, apparently in love with each other, you may want to scream, "What's the meme?!" If a thing is embarrassing to look at, surely we're supposed to embarrass someone with it!

I would like to propose some other potential courses of action: learn the words to this bad-but-romantic song and sing them out loud to someone who hasn't had coffee yet! Buy a Jeep and never leave it! Find someone to whom life was once cruel and laugh at all of their jokes! Always pick duets!

I would like to formally submit this video to the Criterion Collection of Car Karaoke, which heretofore included "Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen," the episode of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke in which Adele raps Nicki Minaj's "Monster" verse, this extremely low-energy video of David Beckham singing along to One Direction, and of course, this nonsensical feat of human legs: