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Drake's SNL monologue about not wanting to be a meme is the all-time biggest lie in American history

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'You're so predictable, I hate people like you'

What are you willing to believe?

Are you willing to believe that a man who photoshopped his own body onto Rihanna's shoulder not two weeks ago hates being a meme? Are you willing to believe that a musician who recently rapped the lines "I do my own propaganda" and "L-O-L-O-L I'm glad you find this shit amusing" is not interested in internet humor? Are you willing to believe that a person who made a PowerPoint slideshow of memes as a war tactic doesn't believe in the beauty and subtle power of the art form?

this is going to be the oddest textbook chapter

Are you willing to listen to Drake say "feels like I'm a victim of an internet scheme" and not pull your hair out from the roots?

Can you believe that a chapter in American social studies textbooks is going to be about a cold-blooded Canadian coming down here and unloading the biggest whopper of a lie in our country's history? Can you believe that your kids are going to have to explain what memes are on an AP exam?

Do you think this is fine? When Drake says "you don't love me for me, you just love me for memes," do you feel like he has a point, or do you feel emotionally manipulated within an inch of your sanity? Are you Googling the definition of "gas-lighting" right now?

Have you seen this?