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Mr. Robot's season 2 trailer promises technological armageddon

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Mr. Robot surprised everyone in its original season, and from the look of the show's new trailer, the second season is only going to get more intense. "Remember the night of the hack?" Christian Slater asks over black to kick things off, teasing the answer to a question that viewers of the show have been asking ever since last year's season finale. There are more peeks at the fallout that's occurred since — including a bit of editorial sleight of hand in which President Obama appears to comment on the show's events — and then Christian Slater leans in close to provide a not-so-subtle in-joke aimed at a particular Cupertino-based computer company.

It's all mysterious, dark, and moody, which is exactly what you'd expect — and exactly why so many are waiting for the show to come back for its new season on July 13th. With series creator Sam Esmail set to direct all 10 episodes, one thing's for certain: Mr. Robot won't be holding anything back.