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You may hate that Transformers 5 is called The Last Knight, but you'll see it anyway

You may hate that Transformers 5 is called The Last Knight, but you'll see it anyway

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We knew that there were going to be a ton of new Transformers movies coming in the years ahead, and now we know what the next installment is going to be called. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Well, if you've read the headline to this story, you already know the new title, but let's make a moment out of it anyway. Here we go. Drumroll please...

Transformers: The Last Knight.


Now, I know you're probably thinking that sounds an awful lot like the second installment to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. And you might be confused, given that traditional notions of knighthood and chivalry (not to mention logic) have never really factored into the Transformers series all that much. But if you're expecting the Transformers flicks to make sense, you're kinda doing it wrong. We're talking about a series that, in its very first installment, had Optimus Prime tip-toeing and ducking behind a house so Shia LaBeouf's parents wouldn't see him — even though he's a robot that transforms into everyday vehicles as a means of disguise.

But let's not fool ourselves: if logic mattered in these movies, they would have crashed and burned a long time ago. And the fact is that, despite how much you may sneer at them or think they're lame or think that they represent the very worst in modern filmmaking (I have some thoughts when it comes to that), people go see the Transformers movies. A lot of people. And that means no matter what the title is, The Last Knight will make gobs of cash. You're going to go see it. I'll go see it. We'll all go see it. And afterwards, we'll probably huddle outside the theater and talk about how it didn't make sense, or how the visual effects were so full of gear-grinding detail that we couldn't even tell what was going on.

But that won't matter. We'll still have shelled out money for our tickets. And The Last Knight will give way to A New Knight* and at least eight more knights after that. So buckle up, because Transformers: The Last Knight starts shooting June 6th, and will begin tearing apart your local theater in 2017.

*I am making this title up, but I would not be surprised.

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