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Watch Tim Cook jam on the new Chinese version of GarageBand

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Apple's attempt to court China now extends as far as its free music creation app — the company just issued an update to GarageBand aimed squarely at the lucrative market. GarageBand for Mac and iOS now includes the pipa, erhu, and Chinese percussion instruments together with 300 new Chinese musical loops created by Apple. iOS users can also share what they've created to messaging service QQ and video site Youku.

"As a musician I'm always looking for ways to take my music in new directions and GarageBand has been such a great tool for me to experiment and add new elements to my songs on-the-go," says Singaporean Mandopop star JJ Lin in a statement. "I love how the latest update to GarageBand adds traditional Chinese instruments along with brand new loops so I can play around with mixing traditional and modern sounds to create completely new styles."

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Beijing this week, and met up with Lin for a GarageBand jam session: watch him bob along to beats from his rose gold iPad in the video above.