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This blog comparing pictures of David Bowie and sea slugs makes total sense

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It might not be immediately apparent why a blog comparing pictures of ocean-dwelling nudibranchia and David Bowie is a brilliant idea. After all, one is a flamboyant and mysterious organism, known for its variety of colorful and imaginative looks, and the other is a type of mollusc.

But honestly, it works to such an uncanny degree it's hard not to imagine that a young Bowie received an illustrated book of nudibranchia at a young age, and spent the rest of his career mining the pages for new looks. There's Labyrinth Bowie (above), side-by-side with a terracotta-and-rust-colored nudibranch with similar head fronds, and check out Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie (below) next to his striped sluggy cousin.

It's like looking in a glam, molluscy mirror. (Image credit: Bowiebranchia)

Even toward the very end of his career it seems Bowie kept up with his secret nudibranch homages. On the right we have a screenshot of Bowie from his last ever music video, "Lazarus," and on the left we have a similar-looking gastropod. Or, sorry, no — it's the other way round, isn't it?