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OneDrive for Windows 10 is now touch-friendly thanks to new universal app

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Microsoft originally released a touch-friendly version of its OneDrive app for Windows 8 to make it easier for tablet users to navigate files and folders stored on the cloud service. With Windows 10, Microsoft returned to the desktop sync client built into File Explorer, but the company is now experimenting with a new touch-friendly universal OneDrive app.

The new app is designed to let Windows 10 users browse OneDrive contents without having to sync and download every file and folder. It's a compromise for Microsoft removing its clever placeholders concept from OneDrive for Windows 10, but it's essentially a web view of OneDrive in a Windows 10 app. Because it's so closely tied to the browser version, you can restore files from the OneDrive Recycle Bin, and drag and drop to upload files to OneDrive.

If you use the touch features of Windows 10 a lot this new OneDrive app will be useful, and if you don't want to download every file in a particular folder then it will help save on space without having to use the web version. The new OneDrive app for Windows 10 is available immediately in the Windows Store.