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The BMW i8 Futurism Edition is the most incredible-looking i8 yet

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No one would accuse BMW's sleek i8 eco-supercar of looking bland. But if for some (ridiculous) reason you felt like it needed a little more visual flair, look no further than the i8 Futurism Edition, a one-off concept celebrating 50 years of BMW's presence in Italy. Built by Milan's Garage Italia Customs, it's basically just a stock i8 that's been covered by one of the most intense vinyl wraps you'll ever see.

(Garage Italia Customs)

The design of the i8 Futurism Edition's wrap is said to have been inspired by Giacomo Balla's 1909 painting Street Light, depicting shards of intense color emanating from a glowing lamp. It works extraordinarily well with the lines of BMW's hybrid exotic, giving it an almost Art Car feel. The i8 looks wild as-is, so why not make this a $10,000 option? Buyers would snap it up left and right, I bet.

You can see Street Light if you ever find yourself in New York City by heading to MoMA, but you need to move a little more quickly to see the i8 Futurism Edition: it'll be in the 2016 running of the Mille Miglia starting in Brescia, Italy this Thursday.

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