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Tumblr introduces 'GIF posts' on mobile

Tumblr introduces 'GIF posts' on mobile

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Tumblr loves GIFs. So now it's making it even easier to create and post GIFs.

Today on iOS, Tumblr is rolling out a new feature called GIF posts. It's a new post type that's built around the GIF-creation tools that Tumblr introduced late last year. When you select it, Tumblr will automatically look through your camera roll for videos and bursts of photos that can be turned into GIFs. When we checked it out last year, it seemed to work well.

iOS first, Android later

That GIF feature used to be hidden inside of Tumblr's photo post feature. By breaking it out, Tumblr hopes to get more people posting GIFs.

It's also adding a few upgrades to the tool. You'll now be able to draw on your GIFs and place text and emoji on top of them — it's pretty much identical to Snapchat's photo-editing tool.

Tumblr's GIF posts and GIF-creation tool will only be available on mobile. It's launching today on iOS, and it's supposed to come to Android in the next few weeks. Of course, you can obviously still post GIFs from the desktop — you'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way.

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