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T-Mobile adds NBC, Univision, and Spotify to Binge On

T-Mobile adds NBC, Univision, and Spotify to Binge On


Questionable free streaming video for everyone

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Despite the fact Binge On is "likely illegal," T-Mobile continues to expand the all you can stream video service. The latest additions include NBC, Univision, and the video offerings from Spotify, Google Play Music, Radio Disney, and Tidal, which were already members of Music Freedom.

A bunch of smaller services like Qello Concerts, Toon Goggles, Kiswe, and Great Big Story have also been added to Binge On. T-Mobile says its users have streamed over 377 million hours of video that didn't count against their data caps since the service was introduced last year.

And right on schedule, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took some more shots at AT&T and Verizon in today's announcement. "We’ve got something for everyone, and customers never have to worry about getting slammed with ridiculous overage penalties," Legere said in a statement. "I hope Dumb and Dumber just keep pushing their mobile video schemes, it just gives consumers more and more reason to come to T-Mobile!"