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Watch the NYPD crush a bunch of illegal motorbikes with a bulldozer

Watch the NYPD crush a bunch of illegal motorbikes with a bulldozer

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The New York Police Department isn't one for subtlety. In an effort to deter illegal dirtbikes and all-terrain vehicles from drag racing on city streets, the department rounded up a few hundred vehicles that it confiscated and crushed them using a couple of bulldozers. Oh, and they broadcast the whole thing on Facebook Live.

If you love popping wheelies, running red lights, and the chest-rattling growl of a dirtbike, this video will be particularly painful. But if you find all of the aforementioned deeply annoying, the NYPD urges you to "sit back and enjoy."

"sit back and enjoy"

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton promised last month to live broadcast the bike-smashing as a way to deter others from having too much two-wheeled fun on city streets. "We have significant resources out looking to get these characters, these knuckleheads if you will," Bratton told reporters. "We intend to take all of these things [bikes] and just crush them."

And crush them he did. First, Bratton strolled down the line of confiscated bikes like an executioner granting his condemned prisoners one last word. But there would be no absolution for these transgressors. These lowly motorcycles had committed the ultimate sin: a quality of life crime, aka Broken Windows. And those that break the windows get the bulldozer.

Unsurprisingly, the commenters on Facebook were less than supportive of the NYPD's tactics.