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The creator of Katamari Damacy is making a game with Google's Project Tango

The 2004 game Katamari Damacy is an often beautiful, childlike oddity with a still-devoted following. Today, Katamari creator Keita Takahashi, along with other members of game studio Funomena, announced a new project that will likely pique the interest of those fans: Woorld, an experimental, augmented reality game powered by Google's Project Tango.

"By peeking through the window of a supported handheld device, you can explore, discover, and create using digital objects and creatures that you place in physical space," the studio explains in its announcement. "Even better, you can collaborate on that experience with friends and family as they peer into your Woorld through a shared screen."


Details on the project, other than that, are slim. But a GIF suggests the game might have some DNA in common with Katamari and its Fisher-Price-like design sensibility. Woorld is set for release later this year, but Funomena will be giving visitors to Google I/O an early look this week, when the game makes an appearance at the conference.