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Latest iTunes update includes ‘safeguards’ against music deletion

Latest iTunes update includes ‘safeguards’ against music deletion

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Apple's much-criticized iTunes app came under fire again last week, after musician James Pinkstone claimed the software deleted 122GB of his own music. While Apple sent two engineers to Pinkstone to try and diagnose the problem, the company has also released an iTunes update that includes "additional safeguards" against music deletion.

It's not clear exactly what those safeguards are, but TechCrunch claims iTunes version 12.4 includes them. Apple acknowledged the music deletion issues last week, claiming the company had only seen the issue in an "extremely small number of cases," and that it had been unable to reproduce the issue. The curious case of music deletion doesn't appear to have been fully solved, but some speculate these "additional safeguards" might help protect iTunes users from accidentally deleting music from an iTunes Music Library.

iTunes 12.4 also includes a "simpler design" that brings back the old left-hand navigation bar. We've reached out to Apple for an update on the iTunes music deletion issues, and we'll update you accordingly.