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Poncho's playful weather app launches on Android

Poncho's playful weather app launches on Android

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Somehow, Poncho is the only app genius enough to have a cartoon cat tell you about the weather. And now, fortunately, Android phone owners will be able to partake in that wonderful experience, too.

Also: hair forecasts

Poncho is launching a version of its app on Android today that's pretty much identical to the iOS app it launched in January. It's every bit as goofy, still relying on GIFs, memes, and bad jokes to tell you about the weather for the day ahead. It'll also wake you up to weather-appropriate music if you use it as an alarm, and it'll tell you how rough the weather's gonna be on your hair. The app launches in beta today, and a general release is scheduled to arrive in June.

Poncho existed as a daily text and email service for almost three years before launching its first app. It's now on iOS and Android, and it recently launched a Facebook Messenger bot, too. Maybe this shouldn't be a huge surprise, but apparently people like interacting with cartoon cats.

Here's us checking out Poncho's iOS app a few months ago: