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What if Chance the Rapper had written Ramsay's threat-riddled letter to Jon Snow?

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Everything would be alright.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

On this week's episode of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow receives a letter, which he reads aloud reluctantly because it is vile. Today, HBO has released an image of the prop letter used when filming the scene:


Calligraphy does nothing to make these words seem elegant. If anything, it adds to the horror by reminding me of the many years I spent learning cursive because my grade school teachers swore it was the only way adults communicated.

Ramsay isn't the only young man who released a boastful, threat-filled missive in the past week. Chance the Rapper did so as well, with his third mixtape, Coloring BookColoring Book's threats and boasts do not have the same effect as Ramsay's because they were written by the human embodiment of light and joy. Where Ramsay Bolton might promise to "spoon your eyes from your sockets," Chance the Rapper would vow to "make you remember how to smile good!"

So, logically, I started thinking... what if Chance the Rapper had written Ramsay's threats for him?

Just wondering if everything would have been okay (yes).