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Nicolas Winding Refn is remaking the cult horror classic Witchfinder General

But he's producing, not directing

Bruno Vigneron/Getty Images

Nicolas Winding Refn's newest project is a remake of the 1968 cult horror movie Witchfinder General, a hyperviolent gorefest that tracked Vincent Price's titular witch-hunter as he tortured the suspected witches of 17th century rural England. Directed by Michael Reeves, the movie was adapted from Ronald Bassett's novel of the same name. (The novel itself turned the life of a notorious witch-hunter named Matthew Hopkins into a piece of lurid fiction.) The movie was heavily censored upon its premiere in the UK, and it was renamed The Conqueror Worm for its largely uncensored US premiere.

In short, it sounds like perfect remake fodder for Refn, a director who made his name with violent, stylized movies like Drive, Only God Forgives, and his 2016 Cannes entrant The Neon Demon. (He's also working on a reconfigured version of the '80s cult movie Maniac Cop.) But Refn won't be manning the camera for the rebooted version of Witchfinder General. Instead, he'll produce the movie alongside producer-distributor Rupert Preston, with whom he's currently looking for writers and directors. It isn't yet clear whether or not the new Witchfinder General will take place in the 17th century or a more contemporary setting, either. The movie should advance toward production next year once that's hashed out.