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Things Google Home looks like

Things Google Home looks like

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Google Home is a response to Amazon's Echo, a home speaker and digital personal assistant operated by voice commands. The Echo looks like a generic Bluetooth speaker, which is to say it resembles a stack of hockey pucks or a very large tube of Pillsbury croissant dough. Google Home looks like none of those things.

In fact, Google Home looks unlike anything in the tech world. It does, however, resemble a number of things you probably have lying around the house. This will make it easy, I suspect, to conceal Google Home: simply place it alongside any of these items, allowing it to blend in. Behold how inconspicuous the future is!

An air freshener

A very large lipstick

A normal-sized Yankee Candle

An urn


To some folks, Google Home looks like salt and pepper shakers

To this boy, Google Home looks like a disappointing alternative to real parents




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