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Google might name Android N after Kanye and Kim's daughter or seaweed

Android (Twitter)

Google is taking public submissions to help name Android N, after realizing that there just weren't that many "N" desserts to choose from. While it seems like Nutella would be the obvious answer, it's possible that the good people of Ferrero just weren't interested in a brand partnership with a smartphone operating system. Insane!

Google announced its naming crisis during the annual I/O developer conference this afternoon, and promptly tweeted a video of imaginary branding agency "Professional Naming Incorporated" struggling to settle on a good option.

They come up with some obvious ones: nougat, nectar, nectarine, New York Cheesecake, nut brittle, navy bean, and nachos. They also throw out "narshmallow," to honor the dearly departed Android Marshmallow. My pre-I/O vote was for noodles, which one of the brand-speaking branding experts defends, saying, "I love 'noodle,' because it's got a length to it." So true, and who hasn't eaten a huge bowl of pasta for second dessert?


But then, right in the middle of the brainstorming whiteboard, was the best idea I have ever seen: Nori. You may know it as edible seaweed that contains no calories and is a terrible dessert, but I know it as a nickname for one of the world's most precious toddlers, and heiress to the empire that Kris Jenner built. Truly, what dessert is sweeter than the beautiful daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Please let your opinions be known in the following poll, though I am looking forward to us all being on the same page this time.