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Google is launching Family Library to let you share apps

Google is launching Family Library to let you share apps


With up to six family members

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Google began sending letters to developers today notifying them of an upcoming feature called Family Library, according to a report from Android Police. Releasing on July 2nd, Family Library will let as many as six Android users share purchased apps across devices free of charge. It's a welcome change, and puts the Play Store's perks on par with those of Apple's App Store, which has had a similar Family Sharing feature for iOS purchases since 2014.

Google is asking developers to retroactively enable Family Library for past purchases, and the company will automatically turn the feature on by default for all purchases made after July 2nd. If a developer decides to make past purchases available for Family Library, they cannot reverse the decision, Google warns.

If a developer makes past apps available for Family Library, the decision is permanent

It's unclear how Google will verify additional family members on each account. Apple asks you a single family member to act as the "organizer" of the account, which lets other family members make purchases on their behalf and charge everything to a single credit card. Google may do the same, and it is in fact how you're able to share a Play Music subscription. When reached for comment, the company declined to specify how it plans on organizing the Family Library account.

Update, May 18th at 8:05PM ET: Google declined to comment.