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The new trailer for The Purge: Election Year invites you to keep America great

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'I purged because it's my civic duty.'

If you needed a reminder that the third entry in The Purge series is speeding toward its Independence Day release date, you're in luck: a new trailer for The Purge: Election Year has just been released. It doesn't offer much plot detail we didn't already know: Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) is running on a pledge to end the purge, and she's made plenty of enemies hiding within the government. When she's betrayed on the most dangerous night of the year, it's up to Leo (Frank Grillo) to keep her alive through the night.

The trailer does offer up some of the dark — like, pitch black — humor that's helped The Purge connect with audiences. It opens with scenes from the heartland and testimonials from smiling Americans who are proud to purge because it keeps them safe and happy. As Mitchell and Grillo flee from masked maniacs wielding chainsaws, the clip ends on a sentence that might ring some bells: "I purged to keep my country great." Why does that sound so familiar? It's obvious The Purge: Election Year is going to push a few buttons; we'll find out exactly which ones come the first weekend in July.

the purge election year poster