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Gran Turismo Sport is coming to PlayStation 4 this November

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And you can watch a new gameplay trailer for the long-awaited racer

Start your engines: Gran Turismo Sport has a release date. The latest entry in Sony's flagship racing series was unveiled last October, and the company confirmed this afternoon that it'll be released in the US and Japan on November 15th. (There's some variance to its European release dates.) It's the first Gran Turismo title made for the PlayStation 4 and first overall since 2013's Gran Turismo 6, and it'll also be compatible with Sony's PlayStation VR headset upon its launch this October.

Sony also made a new Gran Turismo Sport gameplay trailer available, and it's full of gleaming cars moving through insanely detailed versions of some of the world's great racetracks. (Maybe I'm just ready for a snack, but some of them look good enough to eat.) It's not clear when the game's promised beta version will be made available, but the release date reveal might help ease your anxiety over its appearance. We'll be racing in a little under half a year either way, right?